Thanks! It’s a tricky one. Living fast would be trying to rush the process, overworking yourself, putting pressure to deliver results quickly, and ignoring your mental, physical, spiritual health. This kind of lifestyle leads to burnout. Living slow essentially means that you learn to live in the present and cultivate a mindset to play the long game.

It’s the difference between publishing 7–8 articles a week vs. 3–4 articles per week. It’s the difference between working out 60 minutes, 6 days a week vs. 40 minutes, 4 days a week. Both strategies lead to great results, but only one of them sustains you and preserves your energy over the long-run.

When you learn to live slow, you become more appreciative of the present. You stop rushing. You stop and ask yourself: “Am I being productive, or am I being busy?” You live more consciously and you enjoy the journey of working towards your goals. You start focusing on your input, rather than the output. And in doing — knowing that you are slowly putting in the work, but also enjoying the journey — you relieve so much pressure off yourself.

I believe it’s a habit as much as it is a lifestyle because it’s something you cultivate day-in-day-out. When things speed up and you find yourself reaching exhaustion, stop and ask: “what can I do to slow things down?”

Hope this helps!

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