Hi Chris, thanks for your comment. What I’m saying is that a stint in entrepreneurship has better prepared me for success in life because it taught me firsthand what it takes to get there. Does that make sense? I want to demonstrate how entrepreneurship can be essential for your maturity and personal development.

For example, through the experience, I realized that “failure” is good; failure moves you closer to where you want to get. I realized that if you want to build a sustainable business, it’s going to take you years of daily, consistent work to get there — contrary to what the media portrays. And that the path requires you to do one single thing and do it well.

In essence, it’s written for people who want to become entrepreneurs but are too afraid to. I want to demonstrate that despite all the mistakes I’ve made this year, this experience transformed my thinking and approach to success.

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Writer • Sea lover • Founder • Writing to make sense of this beautiful thing called life • Let’s connect: https://www.omaritani.com

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