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Exploring the art of slow, simple, and intentional living. I post here every day: More at:

These habits will help you be, think and do better.

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Very often, what stands in the way between your journey to success and you is you — your mindset, your habits, your actions, and your attitude.

And it’s only when you fully grasp the notion of what Will Durant famously said: “We are what we repeatedly do”, that you begin…

Here’s what no one tells you about entrepreneurship

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I quit the job, killed the income, gave up the expatriate lifestyle, moved back in with my parents, slipped right into my childhood bedroom in the suburbs, and invested every penny I had to my name.

I gave up everything good I had for this dream, and it only took…

They will open your heart and mind to the beauty that lies within you.

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Rumi was a Persian poet and scholar from the 13th century.

His words and wisdom have crossed all borders and continue to stand the test of time. There is great beauty in the words he spoke, and it’s no wonder he has influenced and inspired many artists throughout the years.

Swing the pendulum back

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Transitory periods in life are always difficult.

Aren’t they?

We’re swiftly stretched and thrust into a violent stormy sea. We’re called to swim between the chaos of mounting waves. Your view is obstructed. Your sense of purpose dilutes to the mere necessity: survival.

Do whatever it takes to keep going.

Unleash it, don’t tame it

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“One day, I just remember, something changed in me. I was pulling in a nice fish that I was going to bring home for dinner when this big shark came up to take it.”

Kimi Werner is the United States National Spearfishing Champion. She grew up in an isolated part…

Look back at how far you’ve come.

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It’s not always easy to maintain consistency as we work toward our goals. And yet, consistency is often the one thing that matters most in pursuit of these goals.

Consider what Confucius wrote centuries ago:

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones… It does not…

The real guru lies in you.

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Have you heard of the drug-addicted adolescent who suddenly decided to leave everything behind to become a monk at the age of 22, only to return to his home city of London three years later and become a world-renowned self-help guru and motivational speaker?

Of course, you have.

This self-acclaimed…

All you have is today.

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“That’s something I’ve always wanted to do!”

These were the exact words that were impulsively uttered by someone I had just met over the weekend at a friend’s dinner party.

They were spoken in relation to my own story, of how, at the dawn of 2019, I decided to try…

Choose simplicity, not multiplicity

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A few days ago I spent the afternoon relaxing by the beach.

It was a real joy to let time fill its sails with wind and flow right past me. It was a joy to let the saltwater kiss the bare souls of my feet as I crouched across the…

You can do something you love, just because you love it.

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Earlier this week, I received an email from a reader who’s at a crossroads in her creative path. She had recently followed her heart’s calling and started publishing her writing online. And while she’s thoroughly enjoying the writing process itself, she’s paralyzed by the confusion of what to do next.

Omar Itani

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